Tuesday, April 26, 2011

"Share Your Savings Sunday" on Tuesday!

So, I didn't have time to post my awesome "Nivea Haul!"  I planned on posting it yesterday, after we got home from the Zoo.  Well, that was the plan!  We were worn out, after a crazy day at the Zoo.  Our day at the Zoo was great, until drama occurred!  Teens started fighting, one teen was stabbed in his arm, and the Zoo was shut down!  Everyone had to leave.  Very crazy day!  Well, I did go shopping to score some Nivea.  My first stop was Target, they were out!  We have a Walmart right across from Target, I almost always run into coupon problems at Walmart.  I was hesitate to go, but Walmart has Nivea Bodywash priced at $3.00.  Free with that *HOT* $3 off coupon!    Well, I went to Walmart and found 9 bottles.  All I paid was tax ($1.26).

If you are a Blogger just add a link to your post below.  Readers, share your savings trips in the comment section.  You can also send in photos of your shopping trips!  You can upload photos and/or videos to the Mommy has Deals Facebook Page Wall or email me at MommyhasDeals@gmail.com, and attach photos of what you scored for less and how much you saved!  I will post photos throughout the week!  You can include links and photos from grocery trips, retail trips, dining deals, and any other savings you want!


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