Wednesday, December 29, 2010

I'm dreaming of a "Free (or close to Free) Christmas" in 2011!

Yes, I know it's only a couple of days after Christmas!  Geesh! It's not even the New Year, yet!  Yes, I know all these things, however I want to help you all save money and stretch those dollars!  Preparing now for Christmas 2011 may save you time, money, and your sanity!  I have about 25 people to shop for.  Take a look at some ways I plan to save big money:

Reward Programs

First of, let me start by saying "reward programs are awesome!"  I am going to talk about two Reward Programs that I am a member of:

Bank Rewards: I bank with Suntrust, I'm enrolled in Suntrust Rewards.  As a member, you receive 1 Sunpoint for every $1 spent on qualifying purchases made with your credit card and 1 Sunpoint for every $4 spent on qualifying purchases made with your check card.  You can redeem your sunpoints for gifts, gift cards for CVS, Target, Itunes, and more!  You can redeem for a Prepaid Mastercard!  I plan on redeeming my points in October 2011, for Christmas gifts!

Disney Movie Rewards: If you purchase Disney movies or see Disney movies in the theaters, you may want to sign up with Disney Movie Rewards (DMR).  When you purchase a Disney Movie, you will find a code inside.  You enter that code in your DMR account and you will receive points.  If you see a Disney Movie in the theaters, use your ticket information and enter in your DMR account to receive points!  You also receive points on your Birthday.  Codes can also be found online, I will post codes when they become available.  You can redeem your points for Gifts, Movies, and more!  Sign up for Disney Movie Rewards!

Gift Gards

Amazon Gift Cards: I collect Gift Cards (mostly Amazon) throughout the year from Swagbucks.  Go here for more info on Swagbucks.  There are many prizes available when you redeem your swagbucks, including, Gift Cards, Toys, Gifts, etc.  I plan redeeming my swagbucks for Amazon Gift Cards.  In October 2011, I will tally up all my Gift Cards and purchase gifts.

Target Gift Cards: Target usually runs Gift Card promotions every week.  If you buy a certain item, you can receive a Target Gift Card.  The promotions will be in the weekly ad.  You can also find unadvertised promotions throughout the store.  Keep your eye out for Gift Card Promotions!  I am going to save up all my Target Gift Cards as well.

Here are some other small steps you can take to have a "Free (or close to Free) Christmas:"

  • Set up a Christmas Fund.
  • Shop Clearance Sections.
  • Use some of your Freebies and make Gift Baskets.

Stay Tuned for more tips to get you ready for Christmas 2011!


  1. Another way to have a free Christmas is to enter blog giveaways. If you enter consistently, it really does pay off.

    75% of my Christmas gifts this year came from things I won in blog giveaways. The rest came from Amazon gift cards I earned through Swagbucks. So it definitely is possible. I had a completely free Christmas both this year and last! I wish you the best of luck!

  2. Wow! That is awesome! Twitter Parties and Blog Giveaways are also ways I plan on working toward a Free Christmas!

  3. It always pays off to start planning early. These are some good ideas. I need to start participating in blog giveaways more consistently. I just discovered Swagbucks a few months ago and I'm going to save up the Amazon gift cards for Christmas gifts...great idea.

  4. Yes indeed Kristia! It really does pay off to start planning early! Swagbucks is awesome!


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