Thursday, December 23, 2010

Fandango: Buy 1 or more Movie Tickets Get 1 FREE!

UPDATE: Promo Code is no longer available.  They are sold out!

Fandango has a HOT coupon code for 1 Free Movie Ticket when you purchase 1 or more tickets!  Use promo code SAMSUNGTAB at checkout!  You must purchase tickets before 12/26/10!  Go here for more details.

If you're heading to Regal Cinemas, check out their Facebook Page to get a coupon for $2 off Small Soft Drink with the purchase of a popcorn.  Coupon expires on 12/26/10.

Movie Savings are awesome!  Especially for families, we are a family of four.  When Kellogg's had their Toy Story 3 promotion, we saw Toy Story 3 for $20!  That included popcorn and drinks!  We saved around $50!  


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