Saturday, November 6, 2010

Update: Toys R Us: Hasbro Deals

Update: The Toys R Us Gift Card Deal is advertised in 11/7/10 Sunday's Paper!  You must buy $35 worth of Hasbro Games to receive a $10 GC.

The Toys R Us Hasbro Games Rebate offers are back!  You can pick up the rebate form from your local Toys R Us!  Here is what the form looks like:
When you buy some Hasbro games, you will receive a rebate!  Here are the Games and Rebates offered:

$5 Rebates for each of these Video Games:
Monopoly Streets (Wii, PS3, and 360)
Family Game Night (Wii, PS3, and 360)

$3 Rebates for Each of these Board Games:
Battleship, Operation, Monopoly, Scrabble, Connect 4, Sorry, Trouble, Twister, Life, Bop It, Bop It Bounce, Cuponk, U Build Games, Guess Who?, Gator Golf, Hungry Hungry Hippos, Elefun, and Pop Goes Froggio

$2 rebates for Each of these Board Games:
Memory, Hi Ho Cherry-O, Chutes and Ladders, Cootie, Candy Land, Don't Spill the Beans, Don't Break the Ice, and Ants in the Pants

Also, when you purchase one game priced at $10.99 (Battleship, Guess Who, Sorry, Trouble Twister, Operation, Connect 4, Scrabble, Life or Monopoly) you will receive a Free Chocolate Monopoly or Chocolate Scrabble!  Discount will be applied at checkout.  Now, word around the blogosphere is if you purchase two select Hasbro games (Monopoly, Connect 4, Sorry, Battleship, or Scrabble) you might receive a $10 Toys R Us Gift Card! 
This GC offer has been confirmed by some.  It is not advertised, so you may or may not get it.  I plan on going to Toys R Us later.  I will let you all know if I receive the GC.  Here is what I am going to get:

Connect 4 & Operation & Trouble-$10.99 x 3=$32.97
Candy Land - $3.00
Chocolate Monopoly-Free with Purchase
Chocolate Scrabble-Free with Purchase
Total - $35.97
I will submit the rebate form for the Connect 4, Operation, Candy Land and Trouble ($11 Back)
$10 Toys R Us GC Back
$14.97 for 6 Games (After Rebate & GC)


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